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Introducing Slacksift, the app that simplifies your Slack thread experience. Say goodbye to getting lost in never-ending conversations. With Slacksift, you can effortlessly cut through the clutter and quickly grasp what's happening with just a simple command and all for €0.45 per 500 tokens.

We've all been there, tagged in a thread with dozens of messages. Slacksift makes it easy to catch up and respond faster, saving you the hassle of scrolling through a lengthy conversation. It's a practical solution for streamlining your Slack interactions.

Install today and get improve your workflow today.

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A simple 3 step process

Slacksift is easily setup and installed, just follow these 3 steps.

Install the app.
Install our app into your slack workspace, this should only take a few seconds.
Say Hi.
In any channel / thread / workspace simply type @slacksift setup. This will generate payment links to each of our payment options
Use it in threads
Once this step is done you are ready to start using slacksift. Go into a thread and use the command @slacksift summarise.
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Simple no-tricks pricing

We offer a usage only account. This means you will only be charged for what you use.

What’s included

  • Unlimited usage
  • 48-hour support response time

No hidden fee's and no subscriptions

€0.45/500 tokens

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Invoices and receipts available for easy company reimbursement

*We offer a 14 day money back guarantee. If you don't like our service just get in touch